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Tuesday, 19 September


Rebuilding education and peace in Mindanao "IndyWatch Feed"

Ella, not her real name, was allegedly caught as an amazon or woman fighter for the MNLF [Moro National Liberation Front] during the Zamboanga siege in September 2013. Her family is poor and she supported herself through vocational school by selling in the market. She was forced to leave her studies to help raise funds for a big amount of dowry that her brother needs to pay for his brides family. To prevent rido or clan feuding, the brother had to get married even if they were too young to settle down. Ella and her younger siblings stopped going to school to help in paying for the familys debts and in earning a living for the family.

The education sector in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) exists within a complex and multi-layered social, political, economic and conflict environment. There are an estimated more than 10,000 displaced children from the recent Marawi conflict who will be unable to attend school this year. Both government troops and local residents have reported that child soldiers are fighting for the Maute/ISIS group in Marawi City. There is genuine fear that out-of-school children are vulnerable and at risk of being recruited by extremist groups. According to a joint DFAT and World Bank study in 2014, the education deficit in ARMM is so serious that only one in ten students will complete high school.

Ellas story, and what has happened in Marawi, illustrate how education poverty perpetuates conflict and the poverty trap in Mindanao. Thus, education is a vital component of peacebuilding in Mindanao. Our own research, based on a Justice User Survey with 540 respondents administered over six areas in ARMM in June-July 2016, confirms that next to health services, education is the Philippine government service most desired by people in ARMM. Peace and security, employment, and basic utilities are also urgently needed in the region.

Yet, past peace settlement efforts have glossed over this critical dimension of addressing the cycle of conflict and poverty. Most initiatives were geared towards showcasing immediate and short-term peace dividends rather than cultivating gradual and long-term solutions to structural drivers of conflict. The poor state of education in the ARMM reflects a long history of funding...


Scourge of leprosy, a disease of the poor, returns to PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


PORT MORESBY - Sitting in the car I could see her in the distance running, half limping.

After a while I got out and moved to the front of the vehicle and waited for her.

Rebecca slowed down as she approached but continued towards me. I could see she was excited but, just as she came close, she turned as if to dash away and escape.

I grabbed her and held her close to me.

Rebecca is a 15-year-old girl who lives on the outskirts of Port Moresby.

She is spending her early years living in shame because of her condition.

Growing up with leprosy she can see how she is losing both of her feet and her right hand.

She is worrying about being deformed. She understands the implications of her predicament and lives in shame.

Leprosy and poverty feed off each other. In places where leprosy is widespread, there is often unbearable poverty. Where there is leprosy it is not hard to see disability but it is not only in the hands and feet, it affects the eyes.

Globally, Papua New Guinea is considered to be a poor country (two in five people live in poverty) and it is not hard to find people living with leprosy in these statistics. In fact the incidence of the disease is on the increase.

PNG boasts of its modern infrastructure development but there is a group of people who will never have the opportunity to benefit from these services because of their physical condition.

These people continue to live without proper nutrition, without clean water and in crowded conditions prominent factors leading to the re-emergence of leprosy.

In Papua New Guinea leprosy was announced as being successfully eliminated in 2000 however, in recent years, we have seen it resurface in Western, Gulf, Central and Sandaun provinces and in the National Capital District.

The World Health Organisation reports that at the end of the first quarter of 2017, 356 new leprosy cases were recorded. Off this 140 were women and 89 children.

If not treated leprosy causes significant disability in hands, feet and eyes. The good thing for PNG is that the medicine to cure it is available free.

However not all people are aware of the disease and those who have been diagnosed often do not take their medicine. In many cases the one k...


3MAP: ideas for improving Australian aid "IndyWatch Feed"

3MAP: the Three-Minute Aid Pitch will take place for the second time at the fifth annual Australasian Aid Conference (AAC) on February 13 and 14, 2018, following its great success at the 2017 AAC.

3MAP was first introduced at the 2017 AAC, and is an interactive plenary session to discuss ideas for improving Australian aid. Speakers will present and discuss their proposals for no more than 3 minutes each, followed by rapid-fire audience reaction, and a vote. For a taste of what 3MAP is like, check out the video from the 2017 AAC here.

Were looking for keen minds with a great idea for improving Australian aid and international development policy. If this is you and youre interested in promoting your idea, this is an opportunity to present your idea to an audience of researchers and practitioners from around Australia and the region. Please submit a short paragraph outlining your pitch to (with 3MAP in the subject line) no later than Friday December 8. The authors of the top 10 most promising submissions will be invited to pitch their ideas at the 2018 AAC.

(Please note that if you are selected, your registration fee will be waived, but you will be required to register for and attend the conference; registration details can be found here.)

The post 3MAP: ideas for improving Australian aid appeared first on Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre.


KTF project has retrained over 1,200 elementary teachers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TESS GIZORIA | Kokoda Track Foundation Dr Nelson awards a certificate to a graduate

LORENGAU - Fifty-seven elementary teachers from Manus Province have received certificates of elementary teaching after completing the Teach for Tomorrow project delivered by the Kokoda Track Foundation, the Papua New Guinea Education Institute and the Manus Provincial Department of Education.

The certificate enables partially trained teachers some 7,500 across PNG to upgrade their qualifications to meet the PNG governments changes to the minimum qualifications required of elementary teachers.

Without the additional six weeks training, the teachers would no longer be employable, putting at risk the schooling of hundreds of thousands of students.

The training, delivered in facilities hosted by the MBunai community, gave the 57 teachers the skills, knowledge and qualifications to be registered as fully certified teachers, eligible to be on the governments payroll.

Hubert PosingManus is the sixth province in which KTF has delivered Teach for Tomorrow which has trained 330 teachers in Oro Province, 37 in Gulf, 120 in Milne Bay, 540 in Morobe and 168 in Bougainville.

Once again, it has been an extraordinary partnership with the PNG Education Institute, the National Department of Education and the Manus Provincial Department of Education, said Dr Genevieve Nelson, CEO of KTF.

The teachers have been waiting for this training for many years and are now eligible for full certification and transfer to the government payroll.

The teachers participated in a graduation celebration last Friday in the presence of family and friends from the MBunai community, taking the total number of teachers trained by KTF to 1,252.

KTF will c...


Govt removes critical powers from proposed corruption watchdog "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The government has amended draft legislation for an Independent Commission Against Corruption to remove some of its most critical powers and open the doors to political interference. This watering down of the powers of the ICAC means the government will be creating exactly the kind of 'toothless monster' the Secretary for Justice warned about in his letter to the media published on the 18th of September.

The governments changes were announced at a UPNG Seminar last week, by the Minister for Justice, Davis Stevens. He said, the government has removed the ICACs powers of arrest and prosecution and placed the Prime Minister in charge of the appointments process for the Commissioners.

ACT NOW! has been leading the campaign for the ICAC to be established with the governments first 100 days, and has collected more than 2,000 signatures on its petition, but is dismayed at the governments changes.

Denying the ICAC full powers of arrest and prosecution means it will not be able to act independently and effectively to investigate, prosecute and ensure those guilty of corruption are punished.

Instead the ICAC investigators will be dependent on other agencies like the police and public prosecutor to ensure their findings are acted upon. This has been one of the weaknesses in the existing anti-corruption bodies as police and public prosecutor are already overwhelmed, under funded and subject to political interference.

Over the past twenty years there have been numerous Commissions of Inquiry that have recommended dozens of people be prosecuted for misusing and stealing public funds, but time and again the police and public prosector have failed to follow up. The new ICAC should not be adopting this failed system.

The governments proposed ICAC will be as toothless as the Commissions of Inquiry it is supposed to improve on!

It is essential the ICAC is fully independent of other government agencies and full funded to investigate, charge and prosecute those accused of corruption.

ACT NOW! is also critical of the governments failure to publish a full copy of the draft legislation and its intention to put the Prime Minister in charge of the panel appointing the Commissioners.

The peopl...


BCL says return will give impetus to sectors other than mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Justin (Ted) RogersKEITH JACKSON

BUKA - Bougainville Copper Ltd says it considers the development of primary industries and tourism as critical to Bougainvilles future economic success, and says employment is a fundamental objective.

In terms of our efforts as a company in mineral resources, we are certainly looking to complement other sectors and provide impetus for them to prosper and grow, BCLs executive manager Justin (Ted) Rogers said as the company made a high profile return to Arawa in central Bougainville.

The visit by the four-person team from 5-8 September coincided with the National Boxing Championships which BCL sponsor and the 2017 Bougainville Chocolate Festival.

The group also included Buka-based Bougainville manager Ephraim Eminoni and recently appointed senior project officers, Ezekiel Burain and Genevieve Itta.

It met with a local stakeholders as BCL builds community support for the implementation of its redevelopment plan for a new Panguna mine.

Meetings were held with landowner association leaders from the project area, representatives of the Panguna New Generation Leaders group, women representatives from Ioro 2 and Pakia villages, leaders of the Upper Tailings and Port Mine Access Road populations as well as officials from the Arawa Football Association.

Mr Rogers said the local stakeholders welcomed the opportunity to meet with the members of the BCL team.

We are actively building positive relationships and will continue to increase our presence in central Bougainville over the coming months as we expand our community engagement activities, he said.


Nicolaas Jouwe: Cucu, Tete Benci Manusia Papua dengan Ego Besar, tetapi Miskin Pemikirannya untuk Masa Depan Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Selama seminggu penuh, tepat Bulan Mei, tahun 2000, telah berlangsung Kuliah Khusus dengan topik, "Sejarah dan Arah Papua Merdeka" di Den Haag, Negeri Belanda. Ruang kuliahnya ialah ruang tamu dari Rumah mantan gerilyawan TEPENAL Alez Derey, dan dosen yang memberikan kuliah ialah Prof. OPM Nicolaas Jouwe. Mahasiswanya hanya satu orang, bernama Capt. TPN/OPM Amunggut Tabi.

Nicolaas Jouwe: Cucu, Tete Benci Manusia Papua dengan Ego Besar, tetapi Miskin Pemikirannya untuk Masa Depan Papua was originally published on

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Let. Gen. Amunggut Tabi: Penghalang Utama dan Pertama Papua Merdeka ialah Ego Aktivis Papua Merdeka "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan (MPP) Tentara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP). Lieutenant-General Amunggut Tabi menjawab pertanyaan Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) terkait pesan singkat yang disampaikan ke redaksi PMNews beberapa waktu lalu terkait ULMWP, pejuang Papua Merrdeka, dan tokoh ULMWP. PMNews menanyakan "Mengapa Gen. Wenda fokus kepada ego dan mematikan ego dalam kaitannya dengan Papua Merdeka daam

Let. Gen. Amunggut Tabi: Penghalang Utama dan Pertama Papua Merdeka ialah Ego Aktivis Papua Merdeka was originally published on

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Public Solicitor robbed at his home "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The family of Public Solicitor Jimmy Wala Tamate was held at gun point by five armed criminals at their five mile resident in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon.
The criminals drove into the residential area in a white Toyota Harrier just after Mr. Tamate arrived from work and held him and his family at gun point.

They took his personnel items from his vehicle including a mobile phone, tablet,bank cards, keys to the Public Solicitors office and some court files.

Also a cash of K1000 was taken from his father's bag who was sitting outside the house.
They attempted to steal Mr. Tamate's vehicle but they were unable to reverse it.
They fled the scene as soon as the neighborhood came to assist.
Police were alerted but failed to turn up at the scene.
The family was traumatized of what has transpired.

Mr. Tamate says he will lay a formal complaint today as well as bringing the matter to the attention of the Police Commissioner as to why there was no police presence when the robbery was reported. FM100/PNG Today


Women candidates in Papua New Guinea's 2017 general elections "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

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PM ONeill to Deliver PNG Country Statement at UN General Assembly "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Prime Minister, Peter ONeill , will travel to the United States of America this week to present Papua New Guineas Country Statement to world leaders at the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
In the lead-up to the UNGA meeting, Prime Minister ONeill will speak at an investment conference to promote investment opportunities in Papua New Guineas resources sector. PM ONeill will also meet with senior executives of ExxonMobil while transiting Dallas, Texas.
The opening of general debate at the United Nations provides an opportunity to share Papua New Guineas perspective on priority national, regional and global issues, the Prime Minster said prior to departure.
Through this process we also engage with partner countries to find common ground on matters of significance to our people.
As a developing country, Papua New Guinea carries a number of concerns on which we seek greater engagement with larger economies.
The plight of people who have been displaced by conflict or climate change, or by instability in the global economy, are all matters that have significant impact on developing countries.
We need stronger global governance on these and other equally important issues so that developing countries can continue to advance our economies and strengthen our communities.
While in New York for the United Nations meeting, the Prime Minister will address a business and investment conference with current and future investment partners in the Nations resources sector.
With the gradual improvement of energy prices, now is the time to invest in Papua New Guinea, and that is the key message I will take to leading resources companies.
The oil and gas sector in Papua New Guinea has enormous potential and we will continue to discuss operations with investment partners to expand investment and create more jobs.
While in the United States I will also take the opportunity to meet with senior executives of ExxonMobil.
The contribution that the PNG LNG project has made to our economy had been substantial.
I look forward to meeting with executives from ExxonMobil to hear their views on ongoing investment in Papua New Guinea.


Waima Schools Gets New Library "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Waima elementary school, in Central province, had more reason to celebrate the countrys independence when it opened a new library funded by the Digicel PNG Foundation on Thursday, last week.


Waima elementary school has been rewarded with a library, under Digicel PNG Foundations reward program, for having looked after the previous double classroom investment and improved in certain education aspects.


To be assisted with a classroom, that is a blessing but to be assisted again with a library, that is a miracle! Waima elder Baki exclaimed.


Digicel Foundation CEO Beatrice Mahuru said the approach to investing and assisting communities remains a sustainable one.

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PNG To Look At Digital "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


BY YOMBI KEP via Post- Courier


Papua New Guinea has been urged to look toward a digital money economy where the infrastructure is not expensive.


This was revealed by Futurist Mark Pesce, the keynote speaker at the 2017 PNG Investment Conference which started yesterday in Sydney.


PNG should move toward a digital money economy, the infrastructure is not expensive, Mr Pesce said.


Digital money is coming, its already in Singapore.


Mr Pesce who is a leading futurist, author, entrepreneur and innovator at the forefront of the digital revolution for thirty-five years suggested there should be a marriage between banking and telecommunications.


Let telecommunications get into banking, let banks get into telecommunications, he said.


Mr Pesce said that all goods will be traded on digitally distributed ledgers in the future and in less than 20 years, autonomous drones could be flying across PNG.


PNG needs to foster an app development sector, stressed Mr Pesce.


He gives organisations from virtual reality to education, finance, manufacturing, transportation and communication, the tools they need to think effectively about the future, its opportunities, and its disruptions.


He is the co-inventor of VRML, a 3D interface to the world wide web. He is the author of six books and, for seven years, was a panelist and judge on the Australian Broadcasting Corporations hit series The New Inventors, celeb...


Czech Republic Assists With Aid Post "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



BY RENAT MURUKET via Post-Courier

Czech Republic Ambassador to PNG, His Excellency Rudolf Hykl officially opened a community aid post in Ohu village, a few kilometers south of Madang town over the weekend.

The Ohu community aid post project was jointly funded by the PNG Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Development Corporation through the Czech Republic embassy.

This new aid post is a great bonus for the people of Ohu and the neighboring villages who travel long distances to access health care at Madangs Modilon General Hospital and other health centres.

Ambassador Hykl was in the village in person and was happy to open the development project.

Medical services are one of the basic services that people depended mostly on.

The ambassador said he anticipates that the aid post will help improve the quality of life for the Ohu community.

He said the main purpose for Czech Republic international mission was to help communities in the rural areas with development services.

He said the primary purpose for funding is to let communities know the existence of support and commitment of the people of Czech Republic in the country.

Ambassador Hykl said small projects like aid posts is one of the development activities his Embassy has been involved in.

Czech Republic is an active member of the European Union where the bulk of the interaction takes place. Therefore, funding such services will help Czechs research students who are studying in the province to interact well with the communities, Mr Hykl said.

The project manager Kenneth Molem appealed to the Ohu community to take responsibility and look after the aid post.

Mr Hykl also thanked the Binatang Research Centre for guiding and organising research projects by involving community participation to complete the aid post. The embassy is one of the many European Union development partners in PNG.

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Govt To Decide On Death Penalty Soon "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

THE Government is expected to make a decision soon on the death penalty while 12 people on death row continue to wait.
Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven said a decision would be made soon on the matter.
Ive got 12 people waiting to die. Do you think they are going to go away? Im going to make a decision very shortly.
The debate will continue. But as long as its law, somebody has got to enforce it, he said.
He said the people would be given an opportunity to discuss the issue too.
Steven told The National that the previous government had allocated funds t

o ensure that all the different modes of execution and other issues were considered.
Two things are clear. There is a death penalty imposed. And 12 of our citizens have been sentenced.
They have been waiting while we have been meandering and creating all sorts of excuses.

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Smartphones can transform Papua New Guineas economy, says futurist Mark Pesce "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Smartphone technology can transform the economy, futurist Mark Pesce told the Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference in Sydney earlier this month. He painted a long-term picture in which digital technology will allow the country to reap the benefits of the post-industrial era.

Futurist Mark Pesce. Source: Business Advantage International

Pesces  goal, in a wide-ranging hour-long talk, was to show how PNG could raise its GDP per capita four-fold, to that of a medium-developed country, by 2050.

The smartphone is the most important tool since the invention of the metal axe handle, a few thousand years ago, said Pesce, who spent six months researching his presentation in collaboration with conference organiser, Business Advantage International.

It is a universal tool. A smartphone can be used for communication, for commerce, for education, for community, for culture. Weve only just started to scratch the surface.

Pesce said there should be a policy to drive up the rates of smart phone ownership.

The solution is to allow telcos to go into banking.

As of January, nearly 40 per cent of Papua New Guineans owned a mobile. Its likely that a bit more than half of these folks would own a smartphone. So, thats a smartphone ownership rate of around maybe 25 per cent.

The target over the next five years, he said, should be to drive the rate of smartphone ownership to 85 per cent of the population.




PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea - As part of the 42nd Independence anniversary celebrations,
members of the PepsiPNG Mens and Womens National Basketball Teams took the streets of Port
Moresby to showcase the two FIBA Melanesia Basketball Cups.
During the day, over 5,000 people had the chance to get up close with the two hand-carved trophies,
taking photos with the silverware and selfies with their favourite PepsiPNG National Team players.
The tour commenced on Saturday morning in Kaugere, before the convoy made stops in Badili, Koki, Ela
Beach, Town and Hohola.
PepsiPNG Mens National Team Head Coach Joel Khalu said getting the trophies on display to the public
was a great way to promote the international event that will be taking place in the last week of September.
The kids especially, really enjoyed holding the trophies and taking pictures, Khalu said.

Fans were excited and kept saying that they were looking forward to watching our teams play.
Mens star Apia Muri felt the buzz while mixing with fans on the tour.
Papua New Guineans love basketball, Muri said.
You could really tell that with the way they were coming up to get pictures with us and the trophies.
It was a great feeling getting well wishes from our supporters and I cant wait to play, Muri added.

The 2017 FIBA Melanesia Basketball Cup presented by Paradise Beverages commences on
Wednesday, September 27 at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre (TAIC).
For more information, please contact BFPNG Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu on
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RSIPF to monitor Civil Society Group Rally in Solomon Islands "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) will maintain visibility during the approved march by the civil society group scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday 19 September 2017.

I can confirm that the police has given approval for the peaceful march by the civil society group.  The approval was given after the organisers of the event have assured us that it will be a peaceful march from the SMI area near Town Ground in West Honiara to the Office of the Prime Minister, says Gabriel Manelusi, Deputy Commissioner, Operations.

The police appeals to members of the civil society group taking part in the march to exercise their freedom of speech peacefully and not to be involved in any acts of violence. Members of the public who are not involved in the march are requested to observe peaceful as the police will take action against anyone who tries to disturb the peace, says Deputy Commissioner, Manelusi.

The civil society plans to present a petition to the Prime Minister for the reintroduction of the proposed anti-corruption bill when the National Parliament resumes its next witting next month.


Solomon Police arrests a 42-year- old on false pretence allegations "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police in Malaita Province have arrested a 42-year-old male on the 10th of September 2017 following a complaint the man had allegedly falsified documents for payments.

The man was later charged by police for allegation of False Pretence and appeared  before the Auki Magistrate Court on 13th September 2017 .The court ordered he be remanded in custody for 14 days.

It was alleged the man claimed his affiliation with the Ministry of Forestry as the Deputy Director and was responsible for issuing application forms upon payments for projects which will then be financed by the Ministry concerned.

Police are continuing with its investigation into the matter.

Provincial Police Commander, Malaita Province, David Wate says, Police wish to appeal to the public and individuals who may have information as alleged to assist the Auki police in its investigation by calling phone number 40132 or 23666.


Australia tries to deport Rohingya to persecution "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Myanmar is currently waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against its Rohingya minority. So naturally, the racist Australian government is trying to force Rohingya detained in its concentration camps to return to persecution:

Australia is promising thousands of dollars to Rohingya refugees who agree to return to Myanmar, a country that has been accused of ethnic cleansing against the Muslim minority.

Asylum seekers in the Australian-run detention centre on Papua New Guineas Manus Island, have been pressured by officials to return to their home countries, even if they face violence.


Returning Rohingya to their country could put their lives at risk. Myanmar does not recognise the ethnic minority and has conducted military operations in Rohingya villages that the United Nations top human rights official branded a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.

Close to 400,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh, many with bullet wounds and stories of mass killings, as their villages burn.

This is simply monstrous. But its the ultimate endpoint of Australia's racist, anti-refugee policies: sending people back to be murdered. And the parallels with the shameful treatment of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany - treatment which the Refugee Convention was created to prevent any repeat of - couldn't be any clearer.


Coal plant proposal for PNG city a poor option NGO "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Lae, Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZI/ Johnny Blades

Radio New Zealand | 19 September, 2017 

A proposal for a coal-fired power plant in Lae is a poor economic and environmental option, according to an anti-coal group in Papua New Guinea.

The proposal by Mayur Resources to build a plant on the Lae Tidal Basin has lingered for a couple of years, but failed to get a purchase agreement from PNG Power.

However Mayur had approval from PNG Ports through its re-development of Laes important port area.

But Chris Lahberger from Nogat Coal PNG said the government knew that a coal plant was not an efficient way to generate energy.

But it just looks awful as well, as PNG is a signatory to the Paris (Climate) Agreement to go one hundred percent renewable, and a coal mine with a forty year life span, Mr Lahberger said.

Mayur are now suggesting that the life span of this coal plant to be fifteen years. But the economics of that just doesnt stack up. Like you would not make your money back from your investment if you r...


The Internal Demand Side of Oil & Gas Is Critical For Economic Development In PNG! "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG has recently joined the few elite and prestige club of oil and gas producing countries in the world comprising of both developed ( US) and developing (South American & Arab Countries) as a significant producer of oil and gas and we as a nation should be proud of the achievement and classification of our country as such.
With the very first discovery, production and export of Kutubu and Gobe Oil and the very recent production and export of the multi-billion Kina LNG and two new LNG ( Papua and Elk & Antelope) Projects in the pipeline to be developed soon, PNG is held in high regard by both petroleum investors as well as consumers of oil and gas the world over, making it one of the best and viable hydrocarbon investment destinations in the world.
One determining factor that makes hydrocarbon investment and for that matter mineral investment in PNG more attractive is the legislative regime that governs these sectors which favors foreign investors more over the reso...


Canadian First Nations reject mining proposal after conducting their own intensive review "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The proposed location at Ppsell is a sacred, culturally and historically important site to the First Nations. Photo: Wilderness Committee

Could this be a model for communities in Papua New Guinea? 

Rather than relying on mining company propaganda, lets do our own independent assessments of mining proposals

KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. wants to build the Ajax open-pit copper and gold mine near the city of Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada.

The Stkemlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN) representing the First Nation communities in the area conducted their own thorough 18-month review of the project and have said NO to the Ajax mine project.

The SSN reviewed 20,000 pages of information and over 300 reports. They held a public comment period and heard from over 80 experts at an oral panel hearing.

From what they le...




16 September 2017 marks PNGs 42nd anniversary of Independence. How have things been going?
A good benchmark for measuring progress is PNGs Vision 2050 document. This sets out a blueprint for making PNG a Smart, Wise, Happy and Fair Society by 2050. The Visions primary measurement indicator is We will be ranked in the top 50 in the United Nations Human Development Index by 2050.

So how is PNG going towards meeting this goal? The following graph shows PNGs progress in improving its Human Development Index (this is a composite index of factors such as life expectancy, education, and incomes).

Since the 2050 Vision document was released in 2010, PNG had its lowest rate of improvement since 1990. After doing well in the early 90s and during the 2000s, PNG has gone back to even worst rates of development than in the disastrous late 1990s.

To meet the goal of being in the top 50, PNG needs to move from its 154th ranking of 188 countries in 2010 and jump forward by at least two places every year.  So from 2011 to 2015, did PNG jump some 10 positions? No, it stayed exactly in 154th position by 2015 (the latest available data).  Indeed, it is now in equal 154th position as Zimbabwe has moved forward and it now ranked exactly the same at PNG.  PNG is in the bottom 20 per cent of countries and not moving forward.  This is not good news.

Vision 2050 also focuses on measuring changes in household disposable income a good measure of economic progress according to Sarkozy/Stiglitz Commission.  The best available proxy for this is tracking changes in real non-resource GDP per capita see here and here. As shown in the graph below, this has actually fallen by over 40 per cent since 1980.


NZ to sign prohibition of nuclear weapons treaty "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced New Zealand will sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at a ceremony during the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week.

New Zealand will sign the Treaty on the first day it is open for signature, September 20.

Our signing at this first opportunity is consistent with New Zealands long-standing commitment to international nuclear disarmament efforts, Brownlee said.

While no state currently in possession of nuclear weapons will be signing along with us, this Treaty nevertheless represents an important step towards a nuclear-free world.

It establishes the first global prohibition on nuclear weapons and provides the international legal framework for a world without these weapons, Brownlee said.

New Zealand joined over 120 other states in supporting the adoption of the treaty at a United Nations conference in July this year.

The Treaty will enter into force once 50 states have ratified it.



Solomon Islands PM wants PNG citizenship "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, will be seeking a Papua New Guinean citizenship after he retires from politics, which is any time soon.

He announced his desire to settle in PNG upon retirement, while celebrating Papua New Guineas 42nd Independence Day anniversary in Honiara last Saturday.

Sogavare declared that he was a Papua New Guinean by birth and would be pursuing an official dual citizenship status in PNG.

He was the guest of honour at the Independence Day dinner event hosted by PNG High Commissioner, Fred Yakasa, during which he could not hold back and could not hide his connection with PNG.

Yakasa also confirmed Sogavares retirement plans Monday and commended him for making the announcement on September 16.

I am a Papua New Guinean by birth, Sogavare said at the dinner.

Sogavare is the youngest of five sons of a pioneer missionary, Loko Sogavare, from Choiseul, Solomon Islands, who worked as a Seventh-Day Adventist Church missionary in remote Northern Province in the 1950s.

Two of his elder brothers are buried in PNG, one in East New Britain and the other in Lae, where they married and had children.

Eldest brother, Moses, married a woman from Kerema and Koiari and had settled in PNG, living in Port Moresby. Two brothers, Samson, who married a Manus woman, is buried in Lae and John, who married a woman from Rabaul, is buried in East New Britain.

Only PM Sogavare and his other elder brother Jacob, both born in Northern Province, returned to the Solomon Islands.

Sogavare said he is looking forward to the Dual Citizenship Bill and would be applying for PNG citizenship when he retires from politics.

SBM Online ran the story last weekend after PM Sogavares announcement.

I still have family there in PNG, and yes, I will be applying for dual citizenship once I bow out of politics, he told the Post-Courier.

Speaking from Honiara, Sogavare said he was born in Popondetta in 1955, where his father was based working as a missionary. He added that his family still lives in PNG.

At the Independence Day anniversary dinner, Sogavare described PNG as a big brother who plays an important role in Melanesia and the Pacific.

He said the Solomon Islands wants more Papua New Guinea businesses on top of the 50 already operating t...


Marshalls to review treaty as six Pacific nations ready to sign "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Six Pacific island nations are expected to sign a United Nations treaty banning nuclear weapons when it opens for signature later this week, but the Marshall Islands wont be one of them.

Island countries that have said they will sign the treaty this week include Palau, Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Tim Wright, Asia Pacific Director, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, said Monday.

Heads of state from the first four are expected to sign, while foreign ministers for Solomon Islands and Vanuatu will sign for their nations, he said.

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine said Monday that her government will be considering whether or not to sign the treaty. Marshall Islands Ambassador to the United Nations Amatlain Kabua joined representatives of over 120 nations earlier this year in casting a vote in favor of the U.N. resolution supporting the treaty, which is open for signature at U.N. headquarters this week.

Obviously the Republic of the Marshall Islands from its own experience doesnt want anyone to ever use nuclear weapons, said President Heine. But the big question is how does the world effectively eliminate this threat. Its actually pretty complicated. This treaty deserves due time for consideration and consultation.

The Marshall Islands was the ground zero for 67 United States nuclear weapons tests conducted at Bikini and Enewetak atolls between 1946 and 1958. It also hosts the Reagan Test Site, a major U.S. Army missile testing facility at Kwajalein Atoll.

While the treaty bans the use or possession of nuclear material, it also prevents its signatories from encouraging other countries to do so. President Heine noted that the treaty touches on two key issues for the Marshall Islands the Compact of Free Association with the U.S. that provides base rights to use Kwajalein through at least 2066 and the countrys nuclear weapons testing legacy.

Heine said the treaty will be the subject of consultations with the public as well as review by legal authorities in the Marshall Islands before a decision is made about formally ratifying the treaty.


Monday, 18 September


Why Australia must restore shortwave radio to the Pacific "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

On our Australian doorstep is an amazing place, Papua New Guinea. Seven of us were there for the month of August, exploring a remote region of islands and atolls in the Massim district of Milne Bay Province by boat, visiting places most people would not think of seeing.

The incredible opportunity we experienced was matched with a grateful appreciation and response form the communities we meet at each of the 30 islands we stopped at. There was mutual respect. We werent there just as tourists, we were interested in their culture and in particular their many different, traditional types of single outrigger canoe. They responded with information, introduced elders who talked of the past, let us look over the craft in detail and even took us sailing.

Harry Beran discussing traditional canoes at Wabanum village, Muyuw (Woodlark) Island (image: John Greenshields)

Harry Beran discussing traditional canoes at Wabanum village, Muyuw (Woodlark) Island

As Australians we were warmly received everywhere. Australia was the PNG administrator for decades and has left many good things in place. The Australian influence was there in diverse ways, including an inspired wooden Hills Hoist and outdoor bench setting at Boagis village, way out at the extreme end of PNG territory.


Electronic voting is needed in PNG - Mathias Kin "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mathias & Ingrid
Mathias Kin with Ingrid Jackson at a viewpoint on the Kundiawa-Gembogl road

JOHNNY BLADES | Radio New Zealand International

KUNDIAWA - A man who stood in Papua New Guinea's recent election says the country needs to establish an electronic voting system.

Mathias Kin, who stood in Chimbu's regional seat, said that for decades governments have paid lip service to introducing such a system.

He said commitment to this system, and its associated national ID plan, had been lacking at the top political level.

After this year's election threw up a host of problems, including electoral roll and ballot box inconsistencies, Mr Kin said the system needs to change.

While he doubts the system would change before the next election in 2022, Mr Kin said steps must be taken.

"What the government really needs to do is... and the opposition and people around, must push for an electronic system."

"At least it will do some good - not everything good, because the bribery will still go on, the pig killings will still go on, the money being thrown around in the village will still go on.

But at least if the electronic system comes on it will be one person per one vote and I think that's a good idea to go forward to start with," he said.


Contaminated water is still killing 60 PNGns a week "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

WaterTUCKER HALLOWELL | The Borgen Project

SEATTLE - As more than 80% of the population lives in remote areas with little to no modern facilities, Papua New Guinea struggles with poor water quality and a lack of awareness about basic human health necessities.

With very little access to clean water, sanitation is poor and disease is rampant.

As access to safe water and sanitation are vital to the basic health needs, the population is at risk.

Poor hygiene leads to poor health and illnesses such as cholera and diarrhoea, which kill people every day - 60 a week the statistics say.

Here are some facts about water quality in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea has the poorest level of access to clean water in the world, with more than 60 percent of the population living without access to clean water.

Since 1990, access to clean water has only gone up by 6% and improved sanitation coverage actually dropped by one percent.

Of the 15 developing Pacific Island nations, Papua New Guinea has the lowest water and sanitation access indicators.

The average cost of 50 litres of water (the minimum amount of water necessary for human sanitation and well-being) in Papua New Guineas capital is K8 a day, which is half the average daily salary of K16.

Approximately 4.8 million people in Papua New Guinea do not have access to clean water and 6.2 million people do not have a basic toilet.

More than 200 children in Papua New Guinea die of diarrhoea each year due to lack of sanitation and clean water.

Because 85% of the population live in rural areas, education about sanitation and the importance of clean water is scarce.

According to Oxfam New Zealand, contaminated water in PNG kills 368 people every six weeks.

Papua New Guinea launched the national water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) policy in 2015.

These facts about water quality in PNG reveal a serious issue that extends beyond just access to water.

With little to no progress being made toward access to water and sanitation since 1990, Papua New Guinea must look to its foreign donors and its domestic leaders to address this issue.


Indonesia offers increased assistance to Samoa and Pacific "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Indonesia offers increased assistance to Samoa and Pacific

7:16 pm today
Samoa and other Pacific countries are being offered increased technical assistance and capacity building programmes by Indonesia.
TheObserver reported that Indonesia restated its commitment to playing an active role in regional development during the recent Pacific Islands Forum summit in Apia.
The Director for Technical Cooperation for Indonesias Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Syarif Alatas, said the active role was part of his countrys effort to contribute to world peace and prosperity.
He said renewed technical assistance was being made available to Samoa, which recently entered a trade relationship with Indonesia.

Mr Alatas said the assistance is usually in the form of training, apprenticeships and scholarships in various fields.
According to him, Pacific countries have become one of then priority areas for Jakartas international development outreach.

The various capacity building programmes Indonesia offered come in the form of bilateral and triangular cooperation arrangements.
The newspaper reported that between 1999 and 2016 Indonesia conducted at least 182 programmes followed by 1457 participants from countries in the Pacific region.
The programmes were in areas including fisheries, agriculture, democracy and good governance, disaster risk management, seaweed processing technique and entrepreneurship.


Look to the future, Learn from the past - PM O'Neill "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Flag raising ceremony on Saturday attracted hundreds with provincial and national flags including face paints in red, black and gold to mark the 42nd Independence Day.

The people turned up as early as 5am to witness the flag raising ceremony at the Independence Hill in Port Moresby. Disciplinary forces, girl guides and boy scouts including students braved the early morning to welcome the guest speaker Prime Minister Peter ONeil and other guests.

At the flag raising ceremony, Prime Minister Peter ONeil told Papua New Guineans to focus on the future and what they can do to play a part in the development of the nation both as individuals and in the communities.
At the same time, we must continue to strengthen National institutions to
better work with the regions in the delivery of core Government servicesPM ONeill said.
Our Government will continue to empower the provinces and the districts to make more informed decisions at the local level. We will maintain our focus on representing the interests of our people, our business community, and our economy around the world, he said. PNGFM/PNG Today


PNG LNG Kumuls set for trial matches "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG LNG Kumuls will be travelling to Fiji after the annual Prime Ministers 13 match for their tri- series against the Fiji Batis and Australian Kangaroos on the 14th of October 2017, according to PNG Rugby Football League CEO Reatau Rau.

Mr Rau said it is one of the international engagements of the PNG LNG Kumuls. He said this will be the only trial game for them leading up to the World Cup challenge by the end of October. The format will be new where the teams will be playing against each other for 40 minutes.
Meanwhile plans are in place to put an U20 team for the SP Hunters into the Intrust Super Cup competition in 2019.

Mr Rau said all current teams in the Intrust Super Cup already have U20 teams except for the SP Hunters who are yet to field an U20 team. He said PNGRFL have finalised all information to put a Hunters U20 team by 2019.
He added that 2018, they will try to renegotiate the 5 years contract for the Hunters, which will be a big task. They will also be negotiations with the Queensland Rugby League in 2018 to field an U20 team in the Intrust Super Cup competition. PNGFM/PNG Today


Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda: Berduka Cita atas Meninggalnya Penggagas Bendera Bintang Kejora Nicolaas Jouwe "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan (MPP) Tenrtara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP), General TRWP Mathias Wenda dengan ini menyatakan BERDUKA CITA SEDALAM-DALAMNYA atas wafatnya tokoh penggagas Bendera Bintang Kejora dan penggagas Negara Republik West Papua, Nicolaas Jouwe pada tanggal 16 September 2017 Segenap perwira, pasukan dan rakyat bangsa Papua, yang berjuang untuk kemerdekaan West Papua di seluruh

Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda: Berduka Cita atas Meninggalnya Penggagas Bendera Bintang Kejora Nicolaas Jouwe was originally published on

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ONeill Urges Papua New Guineans To Unite "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Prime Minister Peter ONeill has called on all Papua New Guineans to get behind the countrys sports teams as they continue to strengthen the values of the country all over the world.

In his address to the nation at Independence Hill over the weekend, ONeill also encouraged all Papua New Guineans to welcome international visitors who will be here for the Rugby League World Cup in a months time.

In the next week our Hunters will play in the Grand Final in Queensland, and after our PNG Mozzies won the Aussie Rules International Cup in Victoria and in the coming months we will host overseas teams in the Rugby League World Cup, he said.

This is what we must be proud of. I hope all Papua New Guineans will get behind our team and also welcome our visitors to our country.

Papua New Guineans must get behind all our sportsmen and women, who are continuing to strengthen the values of our country, ONeill said.

Our Government and our people must continue to invest in community development programs and in sports so that we encourage healthy living and strengthen community values.

He said that the Government will continue to strengthen sports in PNG so that the countrys sportsmen and women can have the opportunity to show case and strengthen the value of their cultures and to maintain good sportsmanship. ONeill said he wants Papua New Guinea to be a hub for sports development in the Pacific region.
And when it comes to sports development in the Pacific its very important for us that we take it at every level, he said.

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K55m For Tari Airport Facelift "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The Government is giving Tari Airport a major facelift with K55 million already earmarked and an agreement signed last week.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Hela Provincial Government and National Airports Corporation last Friday.

Hela Governor Philip Undialu said the project will include fencing, terminal building construction, and runway sealing.

He said work will start in March, next year, and the tender will be out next week to comply with Asia Development Bank standards bidding criteria.

I am so proud and the Hela provincial government stands ready to partner in this project. I want to thank the ONeill Government and NAC for the K55 million injection into to upgrading the Tari Airport, Mr Undialu said.

NAC managing director Richard Yopo raised concerns that there some developments by private and government infrastructures which he wanted to be sorted out with the NAC before the actual construction.

We understand the Tari-Pori district building is there and so we can go into commercial arrangements with the district, he said.

NAC has spoken to PNG Power and had already written to Curtain Brothers to vacate premises and to allow the redevelopment to proceed.

Provincial Administrator William Bando has assured the NAC that the provincial government with meet with the concerned stakeholders and make sure the development will eventuate.

This little airport has played a very key role in delivering the PNG LNG Project. It is therefore an immediate priority for the Airport to get the facelift it deserves, Mr Bando said.

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Exim bank approves K350m PMIZ loan "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The China Exim Bank have agreed to fund the new plan for the governments multi-million Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project with a US$152million (K350million) loan.
The loan is concessional and will be repaid by government when the project is operational and generates returns.
This was announced by the Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry Wera Mori in a statement he issued yesterday.
Mr Mori said the initial Financial Investment Decision (FID) by the Exim Bank was stalled by the lengthy court battle with the Madang Environmental groups.
The initial Financial Investment Decision (FID) by the EXIM Bank of China was stalled by the lengthy court battle with Madang Environmental NGOs, resulting in the withholding of funds that had been earmarked for its development. However, the minister said traction was made on the project under the leadership of his predecessor now Planning Minister Richard Maru.
Under Mr Maru, the PMIZ was redesigned to cater for all the communities and to hall larger ships into the new wharf.
Further for the redesigning and renegotiation of the FID with the EXIM Bank of China, Mr Mori said.
Mr Mori said he would be calling for a general forum to gauge the views of all impacted stakeholders to gauge their views which will be captured in a supplementary Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
He said given the disruptions the project had suffered, this was his initiative for a way forward to discourage any further delays and wastage of resources.
The PMIZ project must be delivered under my leadership without any further delays, the minister stressed.

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Visa And Passport Services On Hold "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Visa and passport services by freelance agents have been suspended pending finalisation of a policy to regulate them.
This was announced by the Immigration and Border Security Minister Petrus Thomas who said that the deferment comes at a time when several changes will be made over the next few weeks to improve detection of fraud and abuse in migration services.
It will also put in place a system to improve revenue collection for the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority.
I have directed acting Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha to immediately suspend the services of all freelance agents dealing with visa and passports and put in a place a policy to regulate agents. This is to deal with fraudulent applications being facilitated by freelance agents, Mr Thomas said.
We are also putting a payment system for collection of migration service fees for the Authority to start directly collecting fees by January 1, 2018. This is to improve revenue collection, client service in creating a one stop shop process and counter fraudulent receipts that are provided to us.
A directive has also been given to review all APEC Business Travel Card holders to deal with abuses of the card by foreigners that use this privilege of the APEC card to gain employment in the country the minister said.
Also in progress is a submission that will go to Cabinet to review the taskforce dealing with unlawful foreigners, they will be working with other law enforcement agencies to conduct spot checks around the country and take appropriate actions against unlawful foreign nationals.
Mr Thomas said that the SME moratorium that came into place last month has also assisted in identifying key positions for foreign workers in the SME businesses for visas to be issued.
The consultation process with relevant agencies is ongoing and we will also work with other key agencies to establish a Foreign Review Committee to vet investors that are coming into PNG to do business and invest in reserved activities, he said.

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Modern English Poetry Is Made Possible by This 13th Century Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Modern readers and writers have long since forgotten what happened back then, but poetry today would not be the same without the 13th century.

The Knight from the Ellesmere Manuscript of the Canterbury Tales. Credit: Wikipedia

The Knight from the Ellesmere Manuscript of the Canterbury Tales. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the 13th century, English poetry changed dramatically. There were no battles, no pamphleteering, or Ezra Pound-style polemics, and no warring factions. Yet by the end of the century, a poetic revolution had taken place. Modern readers and writers have long since forgotten what happened back then, but poetry today would not be the same without the 13th century.

In the Middle Ages, three major languages were spoken and written in England: Latin, French, and English. English was the least prestigious but, like the others, it had a thriving literary tradition. Before c1200, there was only one way to write poetry in English, known today as alliterative verse. This is the form of poetry used in Beowulf, Piers Plowman, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and approximately 300 other poems.

The alliterative metre is a very strange metre, at least by modern measures. The more we learn about it, the stranger it seems. The number of stresses matters, but it isnt consistent from verse to verse. The number of syllables matters, too, but it isnt consistent, either. Whats more, the metre changed quite a bit from the earliest examples, i...


Trade Agreements To Push PNG Economy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


PNG must identify countries that are interested in its products and immediately commence discussions and signing of trade agreements.
This was the push from the Fisheries Minister Patrick Basa at the opening of the First Pacific Seafood and Technology Exposition on Tuesday. Mr Basa said steps which have already been undertaken by the National Fisheries Authority to consider the establishment of a Fisheries Trade Lobby group comprising government sector representatives was a step in the right direction and must be treated as a matter of urgency.
He said the expo which had the backing of the ONeill government was in line with the vision of the Pacific leaders calls for a regional roadmap for sustainable fisheries adding that the region could not afford to sit back and wait for opportunities.
We must be able to have seafood products packed properly and be able to compete in the world market, Mr Basa said.
In doing so, our SMEs will be able to get better returns for their products in turn generating spinoffs and other opportunities not just in PNG but throughout the region. He urged also that given the demand all over the world for seafood and marine products from the Pacific particularly in processed and packaged forming partnerships would be key between the SMEs and processors.
He said this is because it would be able to meet market demand adding such an arrangement would ensure transfer of skills.

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The Master of the Game "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Behind this charming and unfailing gracious persona lies a shrewd and unflinching calculative mind. A mind of a brilliant and accomplished political tactician the country has ever seen.

Peter Parre ONeill is the maker and breaker of political parties, a mover and a shaker of political will and even those whims of titanium craftily engineered by the seasoned and well-placed hands that many thought wouldnt stand the test of the boy from Ialibu/Pangias political ingenuity.

Born to Brian O'Neill, an Australian-born magistrate of partial Irish descent and local mother Awambo Yari, from Pangia Southern Highlands. In Parres veins run 'Kamari'- the blood of those destined for higher callings. O'Neill was educated at the Pangia Primary School, Ialibu High School, and Goroka High School. After leaving the school he was educated at the University of Papua New Guinea, graduating with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Commerce in 1986.

ONiell's tentacles are everywhere, woven into the woof and warp of every corridor of power. He speaks several languages fluently even his local vernacular, Imbonggu and Wiru with the perfection of a local raconteur. He is a charismatic man, with a brilliantly incisive mind and has a swarthy complexion. He has the face of a hawk, a predator.

When he chose to take the trouble, O'Neill can be extremely charming. He enjoys the challenge of figuring out what it is that people are really after, for it is rarely what it appeared to be. His analytical mind is always skeptical of surface truth, and as a consequence, he believes in nothing he is told and trusts no one. His motto is "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

If our Grand Chief Sir Michael is the father of our nation, Peter O'Neill is the epitome of Papua New Guineas modern-day politics. He perfected an imperfect system to continue a colorful reign. And now he is rightly on a path to re-write the countrys history as the longest serving Prime Minister.

He had already pulled through some of the smartest political coups, government formations and events of national and international grandeur with the ingenuity, grace, and ease that always make it look so simple like a childs play. This is the master at work. He just smashed the countrys oldest political party and made mincemeat out of it to state his governments crave for stability and long tenure....


Digicel PNG announces it will be swapping to the Huawei network in October "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Digicel  announced Thursday it will be swapping to the Huawei network in October.

The announcement was made by Digicel PNG chief executive officer Oliver Coughlan during the launch of Huaweis latest edition to its P-series, the P10, in Port Moresby.

These plans are a result of the partnership the Irish mobile company has forged with one of Chinas leading technology firms.

The upgrade could not be anymore timely as it comes at a time when Huawei is launching what Coughlan described as world class phones that will require world class networks.

It also comes at a time when Digicel marks its tenth year of existence in the country.

Speaking at the launch Mr Coughlan said: We will spend tens of billions in US dollars on the network expansion and network upgrade and we are in a lucky position.

Coughlan said Digicel had gone to the market with its plans in search of a partner that could not just best serve the companys needs but that of its customers.

The company had settled for Huawei given its track-record.

A partnership with Huawei meant we would offer our customers the most up to date technology that is available and it is not just up to date it is one that is so advanced because the company is so far ahead of the game, he said.

Coughlan said the plans would be rolled out in Port Moresby during the first week of October in Port Moresby assuring that all its corporate clients and partners would be kept informed of what the company is doing and what the changes will mean for the network.

What we are offering is the most technologically advanced network to our customers, for our partners in this country in the coming weeks and months and for us we are excited, he said.

It takes a lot of effort, a lot of challenge, lots of dollars and in swapping our network we will be building resilience in our network because we know that this is a tough country.

We are also spending money in the bandwidth we are looking forward to talking to our cable providers, we understand the top class phones need top class connectivity and top class net works so we are totally aligned with the Huawei vision, we have our own vision but we are delighted with the partnership we have formed most recently with Huawei..

Meanwhile, Huawei Technologies (PNG) has added another device to its P series.



Vanuatu Parliamentary Secretary says issue of West Papua now gone beyond the region "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The issue of West Papua self-determination and violations of human rights has now progressed beyond the Pacific, says Vanuatu Parliamentary Secretary (PS) for the Prime Ministers Office, Johnny Koanapo.

He said the issue that had Vanuatu as its lone advocator for many years and then Solomon Islands during the last two years now has the support of six other countries of the region from Micronesia and Polynesia.

Koanapo briefed the media on how much work government has undertaken on the issue of West Papua.

I wish to say that the government has done a lot of work on the issue of West Papua since the Charlot Salwai government came in in 2016 and the issue remains high on governments international political agenda.

There are a lot of arguments that government has not done enough on the issue of West Papua, but when we look at the events that government through the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers have endorsed Vanuatus participation, there were many.

In March this year, the Council of Ministers under the leadership of Prime Minister Salwai, appointed Honorable Ronald Warsal (Minister of Justice and Community Services) to attend the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva and Koanapo went with him when Vanuatu delivered a statement on behalf of the Pacific Islands Coalition for West Papua.

May be, many people who have been dealing with the issue of West Papua, especially our former leaders like Barak Sope, Donald Kalpokas, the late Edward Natapei, Joe Natuman former Prime Minister now Deputy Prime Minister, have been walking with the people of West Papua for a very long time.

And when we look at the political backup the people of Vanuatu give to the colonised people of West Papua, theres only one country in the world that has been standing behind people who living under colonisation by Indonesia. That country is Vanuatu. Vanuatu is the only country in the Pacific that is standing behind the people of West Papua.

And then at the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Leaders summit held in 2015 in Honiara, at that time Solomon Islands government through Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare came on board. And then as PM Sogavare said to me when I represented government at that time when I was Director General of Foreign and also represented the country at the ministers level that the position or stand the government of Solomon Islands is taking is inspired by the position and stand the...





PNG is a growing economy in market and business and its not limited in its investment capacity. It is open and wide that can efficiently allocate and distribute investment resource within its system. The West Minister Government and the Indigenous values have resembled this attributable development trait that complements the structure to adapt well with relative ease and its been appreciated as an integrated enabling cross-cutting culture that posses commercial and economic respect.
The values have held the tenets of our democracy and loyalty to our heritage that affirms Human to be a distinguishable creature. We hold this truth as it stood the test of time in our Constitution.
Papua New Guineas do not have any problem with its People, System, and Economy. She is young, cute, virgin, wealthy, rich, energetic, adventurous and attractive because of its beauty and its people.
Notably, PNG Economy is an interdependent economy and majorly generates its income on exporting primary products and other invisible exports. Interestingly the Primary Industries are seen as PNG Strategic Long-Term Asset that generates long-term revenue whereas Tourism and culture are seen to be a short-term asset that generates cash for the economys cash flow. Tourism is convinced to be current assets that have the revenue generating capacity and can contribute fast to the liquidity management of PNG.It has a lot of investment streams (tangible- intangible) and broader ranges of commercial prospects.

Moreover, PNG long-term assets have been strategically allocated on revenue generating capacity. Kumul Consolidated Holdings major investment interests have been centered mostly on Mining and Petroleum only.

However, nothing in Tourism business, Hotel business, Inn business, Reservation  services, Tour  services, Movies and acting business and sites, Landscaping and visits services, Botanics business, Parks services, Bungalow and resting-outing business, Surfing and diving business, Fishing and catching sports business ,Musical studio and recording (Traditional relics) business, Boutique local banquet, Tranquilities centers, Sea breeze cafe, Resturant etc.

These are our cultural inheritance goodwill. Billions of amounts of cash are trapped in them that require skills and effort to realize with an effective partnership and workable inves...

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