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Wednesday, 16 May


National court mulls Albert Schrams application to leave PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Schram doctorate
Dr Schram's PhD certificate - proof positive of his credentials


NOOSA Albert Schrams application seeking leave to retrieve his original PhD documentation from Italy is now being determined by the PNG national court.

The former vice chancellor of PapuaNew Guinea's University of Technology and his wife Paulina sit in a Port Moresby hotel nervously awaiting the outcome of the judges deliberations.

The national court is expected to make a decision by Monday.

Dr Schram was arrested earlier this month and charged with obtaining employment through false pretence with police alleging he produced a fake PhD certificate to Unitech in 2012 when he was seeking the post of vice-chancellor.

This matter was first raised in 2013, not long after Dr Schrams appointment, as he began to implement measures to improve financial transparency and accountability at Unitech.

These interventions caused controversy among some senior staff at the university leading pro-chancellor Ralph Saulep to challenge the veracity of the doctorate after which Dr Schram was deported from PNG in March 2013.

Czuba statement
Higher education secretary Jan Czuba's statement authenticating Dr Schram's credentials

He spent a year a...


My free air tickets lapsed because I'm fearful of re-entering PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tickets to nowhere - Paul Flanagan fears he'll be treated like Albert Schram if he tries to return to PNG


CANBERRA - There was a moment of glee when I won the major prize at a Papua New Guinea-Australia investment conference in 2017 a return air ticket for two anywhere on the Air Niugini circuit.

The option of a wonderful trip with my wife from say, Sydney to Japan, seemed very tempting.

But glee quickly turned to the reality of fear.

When I talked to the Air Niugini representative after the prize drawing, I immediately asked if I could donate the tickets to charity. Why would you want to do so? was the very reasonable question.

The answer to that question has been unfortunately thrust upon the former vice-chancellor of PNGs second largest university, Dr Albert Schram.

Albert was transiting Port Moresby on his way from Australia to Europe (the reason he was doing that is part of another sad story for PNG).

While passing through airport immigration, his passport was confiscated and he was subsequently arrested on what can only be seen as trumped up charges.

He was charged with false pretence essentially a claim that he had a fake PhD.  Im getting worried about how fake is being used by parts of the PNG establishment. He is currently before the courts to see if his bail conditions can be altered to allow him to have his passport returned.

During this sorry episode for PNGs reputation, the Scholars at Risk Network has raised its concerns about his treatment, as has Professor Stephen Howes in a blog post and a subsequent radio interview.

Professor Howes notes that the episode is damaging not only because of the chilling effect it will have on domestic critics and reformers, but also because it will scare away academics and other foreigners w...


The unfathomable wonders of our beautiful mothers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Png-_pg-08_09-sti-det-mother-at-clinic-4PHILIP KAI MORRE

KUNDIAWA It was Mothers Day last Sunday and in many places people celebrated with gifts, parties, church services and prayers.

Elsewhere a low profile was kept because of cultural norms.

But in all societies, whatever the culture, the key role of women and especially mothers is recognised.

Our mothers seem gifted with intuitive knowledge and special and unique skills, they are creative, gentle, warm, loving and empathetic in understanding us and seeing to our needs.

Just take a moment and contemplate and recall the worthy things our mothers did for us during our childhood, and our extraordinary relationship with them.

And the words that spring to mind diligence, tenderness, protection, love all exercised whatever the emotions and uncertainty confronting them each day.

Our mothers are there for us at all times and guide the early formation of both our physical development and our moral character.

Think also of the sacrifices, pain, sorrow and tolerance our humble mothers went through, often wrapped up in silence.

The tear drops shed, the knowledge transmitted, the unconditional love, the most prudent advice and wisdom.

And, in recent times in the midst of escalating family breakdown, many mothers also take the fathers role.

We owe our mothers volumes of tender care and love.

As for me, I regret that I did not do more for my humble mother who died three years ago - except I dedicated my book to her. And in my minds eye I can still see her smiling, knowing that I am the gift she treasured most.

Often we take it for granted the beauty, wonder and importance of our mothers, but if you spend a moment and reflect on all that your mother has done for you to be what you are now, I tell you, you will break down and cry.


Arrest warrant against Damaru set aside "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

An arrest warrant against Director of the National Fraud and Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru was set aside by the Waigani District Court early yesterday.

The arrest warrant was pursued against Damaru by a convicted prisoner over the allegation of false pretense.

The court found that the manner in which the arrest warrant was obtained was improper and ordered that the warrant be set aside.

The matter stammed from an earlier attack on Damaru on April 30, 2015, by a fellow police officer Stanley Poka, who is now serving time at the Bomana prison for assulting Damaru at his office.

The officer was arrested and was imprisioned by the courts in mid 2017.

The convicted officer claimed that Damaru conspired with a medical doctor and forged medical reports which landed him in prison.

The medical doctor was also arrested earlier through a similar warrant of arrest but the warrant was also set aside.



New Dawn FM News

The Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Bruce Davies and his team today crossed to South Bougainville from Central Bougainville.
And coming through Panguna they visited several projects funded by the Australian Government and also looked at projects that Australia can partner with the ABG and the National Government members to fund in the future.
They also stopped to Open a Classroom at the YAMAMOTO Memorial Primary School at AKU village in Buin South Bougainville.
They will have dinner at the private residence of the ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS in Buin tonight before opening a Classroom at the Buin Primary School and would hold several meetings in Buin before returning to Buka.
New Dawn FM understands that Australia continues to pour in funds into Bougainville and there is not much showing on the ground.
One example is the Bougainville Ex-combatants Trust Account of 2003 in which many people opened stores workshops and fishing projects and to date only few have survived.
The Australian Government allocated TEN MILLION KINA and for the former BRA members a further FIVE MILLION KINA was allocated from the Funds from the Invincible Resources from Canada.



PNG singer Moses Tau passes on "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Popular Papua New Guinean singer Moses Tau passed away few hours ago.

Details of his death is yet to be released but according to Port Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, the singer who hails from Barakau village in the Central Province passed away just before 10pm tonight.

Tkatchenko expressed his sympathy on his official Facebook page adding that Tau was a sensational entaintainer and will be missed by many of his fans, families and friends throughout the country as well as the Pacific region.

Everyone knows his music and he was a true showman, Tkatchenko said.

Tau, commonly known as Moshanty, recently participated as a judge along with other judging panel at the Vocal Fusion singing contest hosted by EMTV and his passing will leave a huge gab in the music industry.



New Dawn FM News
The ABG Vice President and member for Atolls, RAYMOND MASONO says issues such as Climate Change must not be ignored when talking about the upcoming Referendum for Bougainville.
Speaking at the launch of the Climate Change program at the Bel Isi park today, MR. MASONO said that the people of Bougainville have different issues that is disturbing them as Bougainville is preparing for the referendum.
He said issues such as Climate Change and relocation, War widows and missing persons with weapons and law and order must be made an inclusive process.
MR. MASONO said that Bougainville need to make sure all people of Bougainville are happy as we approach the voting day.




New Dawn FM News

Bougainville will again remember those who died during the ten year Bougainville conflict tomorrow on May 17th the day the Late FRANCIS ONA declared Unilateral Declaration for Independence (UDI) in 1990.
And the ABG has gazetted May 17 as a public holiday throughout Bougainville to remember those who died during the Bougainville conflict.
And all Public servants and the public have been told to respect this day and observe it as a Public Holiday.
The ABG President who is on official duties in Buin will give his statement for May 17 tomorrow in Buin.



New Dawn FM News

The ABG Vice President and member for Atolls, RAYMOND MASONO has thanked the Papua New Guinea Government for including Bougainville in its Climate Change Programs.
MR. MASONO made these comments at the launch of the Building Resilience for Climate Change for Bougainville at the BEL ISI Park today.
He said that the problem of Climate Change has been created by man and man alone can find ways to control it.
MR. MASONO said that Bougainville is preparing for the Referendum but at the same time climate change is also affecting our people in a big way and can not be ignored.


James Tanis 110518 001


Online Safety Bill tabled in Fiji Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Irresponsible social media users could be paying up to $20,000(US$10,000 in fine and face an imprisonment sentence of up to five years if investigated by the Online Safety Commission and found guilty by the courts. 

Chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights Ashneel Sudhakar made the comments while tabling the recommendations of the committee on the Online Safety Bill 2018 in Parliament Tuesday.

Sudhakar said the committee considered the Bills impact on hateful and harmful electronic communications and the posting of intimate visual recordings that would impact women and children as victims.

He said one of the submissions to the committee said the Bill should reflect that many women do not feel safe coming forward with a complaint against someone who had posted, especially an intimate partner.

Section 17 of the Fijian Constitution provides for freedom of speech and expression. That right, however, is not an absolute right. The right of one person to express himself or herself cannot be taken as a licence to impinge on the right to privacy and dignity of another person, Sudhakar said.

That has been the position of law since time immemorial, hence, the volumes of civil and criminal case authorities both locally and internationally.

He said Section 17 of the Constitution more specifically provided that while every person had the right to freedom of speech, expression, thought, opinion and publication to the extent that it was necessary, a law may limit, or may authorise the limitation of those rights for public morality, protection of the reputation, privacy, dignity, rights of freedom of other persons including the right to be free from hate speech, rights of persons injured by inaccurate or offensive media reports to have a correction published on reasonable conditions and preventing attacks on the dignity of individuals or groups.

The Bill proposes the establishment of an Online Safety Commission whose role would be to promote online safety, deterrence of harmful electronic communication and related matters.

Section 13 of the Bill states that an individual may lodge a complaint with the commission if the individual had reason to believe that he or she was the subject, or targeted recipient, of electronic communication intended to cause or likely to cause harm.

And in the case of a child, the childs parent or...


Enact 50 percent quota for Vanuatu women in Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Women leaders from throughout Vanuatu have petitioned the Government of Vanuatu to enact a 50% quota for womens equal representation in Parliament.

The petition was handed to the Acting Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Nirua,Tueday, during the official segment of the celebration by Acting President of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW), Anita Deroin, and the Country Director of Oxfam Vanuatu,Elizabeth Faerua, to mark the 38th anniversary of the setting up of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW) on May 15, 1980.

Women leaders also announced the formation of a historic new Democratic Womens Party and called on the Vanuatu Government to stand with the women of Vanuatu and commit to 50% representation for women in the National Parliament.

We are calling on our Government to take action and do the right thing for the women of Vanuatu. Equal representation in Parliament should be a basic human right for all of us, said Leiasmanu Cullwick, Executive Director of the VNCW.

Vanuatus National Parliament is made up of 52 elected members, none of who are women.

Only five women have been elected to Parliament since Vanuatu gained independence in 1980 and, currently, Vanuatu is one of only three countries in the world with zero participation and representation of women in Parliament.

We dream of a world where we, as ni-Vanuatu women, can have a real say in the important decisions that shape our lives. Today, we are lighting the way to a brighter and fairer future for the women and girls of Vanuatu, said Jeannette Lini-Bolenga, Programme Manager for Oxfam in Vanuatus Governance, Leadership and Accountability programme.

Key action plan resolutions include:

Enactment of 50% Legislated Candidate Quotas in Provincial Councils and National Parliament, as a revision to the Governments 30% Reserved Seats Policy and Bill

For women to establish a Democratic Womens Party

For the Vanuatu Parliament to include the VNCW on the Constitutional Review Committee

For the President of the Republic of Vanuatu to declare 15th May as a national public holiday to celebrate National Womens Day

The Government must provide an annual grant commencing in 2019 of Vt40 million (US$360,000) to the Vanuatu National Council of Women and the Provincial and Municipal Councils of Women, which must include funding for the Vanuatu...


20-year-old male arrested for alleged rape in Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Province "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Solomon Islands Police at the Henderson Police Station, Guadalcanal Province have arrested a 20-year-old male in the Henderson area East of Honiara for an alleged rape incident on 11 May 2018.

The alleged incident happened in South Guadalcanal on 8 May 2018 and the matter was reported to police at the Henderson Police Station.

My officers received the report and attended to it by visiting the scene and assisted the victim for medical attention, says Superintendent Nixon Manetoga, Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Guadalcanal Province.

He adds: We then successfully arrested the perpetrator on 11 May through the cooperation of members of the community.

I want to thank the communities for working together with the Police, leading up to the successful arrest of the suspect. This shows that we are working together and I want to encourage community leaders and elders to keep up with the good job, says PPC Manetoga.

The suspect is now in Police custody as he will be charged for the offense of rape and brought to the Magistrates Court for remand applications, says PPC Manetoga 

He adds: I appeal to the people living in and around the area to come forward and assist police with whatever information you have regarding the incident. Police in Henderson can be contacted on phone 36200 or Police communications on 23666 or dial toll free number 999.


PNG Southern Region urged to grow internal economy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Minister for National Planning, Hon Richard Maru has urged leaders of Southern Region to focus on raising internal revenue and not to be dependent on the National Government for funding.

He told Provincial Administrators, District CEOs and attendees at the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) III Southern Region Forum, which began on Monday 14th May and ended today (Tuesday 15th May, 2018).

The consultations were held at Dixie Bungalows outside Port Moresby and was also attended by Rigo MP, Hon. Lekwa Gure, Hon Richard Mendani, Ijivitari MP and Hon William Samb, Goilala MP and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Bougainville, Sports and Constitutional Matters.

Minister Maru opened the forum on Moday by highlighting the framework of the MTDPIII and urged Provincial Administrators and District CEOs to align their 5-year provincial and district plans to the national plan.

All presentations from the Southern region provinces and districts highlighted the need for vital infrastructure like roads, bridges, ports and airstrips to improve service delivery and open up economic corridors that are key for generating internal revenue and contributing to PNGs economic growth agenda.

While Minister Maru said the Rural Airstrips Agency will get an increased funding because of the important work it is doing in providing accessibility to remote communities, he added that the government will look at key infrastructure that also have economic potential and can sustain themselves.

Similar regional forums have been held in the Highlands and New Guinea Islands Region. The consultations have provided opportunities for provinces and districts to get an insight into how sub-national governments plans are expected to align to the MTDP3.

The MTDP III Momase Region Forum is the next one to be held from 17th 18th May 2018 in Madang.

Governors, Provincial Administrators, the private sector and civil society from the Momase region are expected to attend the consultations.


Rural airstrips to be maintained "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rural Airstrips Agency has assured the Governor of East Sepik, Hon Allan Bird that the agency is committed to restoring and maintaining rural airstrips in the province

Rural Airstrips Agency has assured the Governor of East Sepik, Hon Allan Bird that the agency is committed to restoring and maintaining rural airstrips in the province.

In a meeting with RAA representatives on Monday 14 May, Mr Bird said his Government was expanding the agricultural base of the province by strengthening and increasing the volume of cash crops already farmed by his people such as cocoa, vanilla and oil palm.

He said the ESP Government is also developing new agriculture projects such as large scale rice farming with internal and external investors.

He said transport infrastructure in the province is important to realising his governments plan and as such, they have re-opened collapse bridges, fixed broken roads, and re-decked important bridges in the province in the space of a few months.

The Governor believes re-establishing important yet closed rural airstrips for his isolated communities, will bring more of them into the agriculture market base of the province, as well ease their access to social services such as health and education.

RAA CEO John Bromley assured the Governor that the agency will work with the East Sepik Government to restore important rural airstrips in the province.

We were pleased to meet with the Governor, and start a relationship going forward to will benefit some of the geographically isolated populations of the East Sepik Province, so that they can play an active part in the development of their province, Mr Bromley said.


NEC Extends Contracts For Departmental "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

May 16, 2018

GOVERNOR of Bank of PNG, Loi Bakani, was among eight departmental heads who signed their contracts at Government House yesterday after their contracts were extended by the National Executive Council.

Mr Bakani will be serving his second term of seven years (14 years) and will be the second longest serving Governor of the Bank, normally called the Central Bank, behind Sir Henry Robert who served for 20 years.

The next person to serve the bank was Sir Wilson Kamit, who served for 10 years.

The other significant appointment and signing of the contract of employment is Jacob Popuna, who was appointed Public Curator and official trustee of PNG.

He becomes the first person to be officially appointed by the National Executive Council after a major restructure. Minister for Justice and Attorney General appointed the public curator in the past.

Mr Popuna said besides the change in the appointment process of the curator, the institution has also experienced change in the institutional structure, including the increase in staff from 37 in 2007 to about 80 staff today.

The youngest departmental head to sign his contract was Raul Yamuna, who was appointed managing director for Climate Change and Development Authority for a period of four years

The other head of departments appointed are Dr Sergei Bang...


SIM Registrations Extended "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Minister for Communication, information and technology and Energy, Sam Basil announced the extension this afternoon.

Meantime Digicels Regional CEO for the Pacific, Oliver Coughlan said Digicel now has over 6,000 people in the country registering sim cards, 2,000 of those are based in the rural areas. Mr Coughlan said Digicel has registered over 1.4 million subscribers and is committed to register more. With the extension, Minister Basil also called on respective provincial Governments and MPs to work together with the NICTA, Mobile operators and the churches to cover the remaining unregistered sim cards.


Hybridity on the ground in peacebuilding and development "IndyWatch Feed"

Hybridity has become a prominent notion in international peacebuilding and development circles in recent years, attracting both enthusiastic supporters and vociferous critics. As a concept it has a long and varied lineage. The term hybrid was used originally in the biological and zoological sciences to refer to the product of mixing different elements. Since then, the concept has travelled across various social sciences in discussions around identity, culture, and aspects of political and economic order, particularly in colonial and postcolonial settings. Postcolonial scholars used hybridity to examine interactions between colonisers and colonised subjects. Their studies sought to counter monolithic depictions of colonial domination by emphasising active agency and resistance on the part of colonial subjects.

As a way of denoting the processes and outcomes of interactions between different social, political, and institutional orders, hybridity is a notion that has long informed various fields of research and policy engagement, even where the term itself has not been used. For example, the sub-field of legal pluralism focuses on the transformative effects of encounters between different socio-legal orders. This has included the interplay between customary or traditional forms of authority and those of introduced state-based orders in colonial and post-colonial settings. Navigating the complexities of normative and regulatory pluralism in todays rapidly globalising world remains a key challenge for governments, international donors, NGOs and others with an interest in law and justice reform. Australia faces these issues in its aid programs in the Southwest Pacific and Timor-Leste, as well as in relation to its own indigenous communities.

The notion of hybridity has been deployed by its proponents to unsettle entrenched state-centric perspectives and draw attention to the important role of informal institutions and non-state actors in many parts of the global south. In this context, the concept has also been used to critique the continuing reliance on standardised processes of institutional transfer in donor-supported reform initiatives. For example, the influential 2011 World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development expressly called for best fit approaches to institutional development, drawing on combinations of state, private sector, faith based, traditional, and community structures for service delivery.

The concept has featured most prominently in critiques of the post-Cold War liberal peace and state-building interventions that proliferated during the second half of the 1990s and first decade of the new millennium. Liberal peacebuilding was premised on the view that liberal democracies are intrinsically more peaceful, stable and prosperous than other kinds of political systems. Its supporters advocated externally facilitated demo...


NT seabed mining moratorium extended, drawing mixed reaction from stakeholders "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jacqueline Breen | ABC News | 16 May 2018

The Northern Territory Government has quietly extended a moratorium on seabed mining.

Key points:

  • The moratorium on seabed mining was implemented in 2012
  • It will now remain in place until 2021
  • The extension was never publicly announced by the NT Government

The ban, prompted by concerns about potential environmental impacts, was put in place for three years by the-then Country Liberals in 2012 and extended for another three years in 2015.

It put a pause on growing interest in deposits of manganese along the coast of Arnhem Land and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The ABC confirmed that the moratorium, which was due to expire, will now remain in place until 2021, although there has been no public announcement.

A report into the impacts of excavating the seabed for minerals is still not complete five years after it was first commissioned, and a spokesman for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said...


Papua New Guinea rice-planting deal expected this week "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

07 Mar 2018 | Business WorldThe Philippines will sign this week a government-to-government agreement with Papua New Guinea allowing Filipino companies to produce rice on an area of about 1 million hectares within five years.


On Piol's idea to rise with rice in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

27 Mar 2018 | Business MirrorPapua New Guinea's Prime Minister instantly offered 100,000 hectares for planting even starting tomorrow, but can develop easily 2 million hectares in government lands for rice farming with irrigation


Hela governor hits out at LNG project developers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

ExxonMobils LNG Project cuts a swathe of development through Hela province in PNGs Highlands. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

Governor: corporate giants bullied PNG politicians into a substandard agreement

Radio New Zealand | 16 May 2018

The Governor of Papua New Guineas Hela province has criticised developers of the LNG gas project over lack of payments to his province.

Philip Undialu said when establishing the project, corporate giants bullied PNG politicians into a substandard agreement.

The Governor said Provincial Governments of the LNG Project area lost nearly US$240 million in Development Levies and Royalties over the last four years.

Mr Undialu said there were hundreds of millions more dollars in royalties which Hela people should have been paid.

He called on lead developer ExxonMobil and its project partner Oil Se...


Tanzania cancels license of Barrick, Glencore nickel project "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Another example of a Nation standing up and dictating terms to the international mining companies 

Fumbuka Ngwanakilala | Reuters | 13 May 2018

Tanzania has revoked a retention license for an undeveloped nickel project jointly owned by Barrick Gold Corp and London-listed miner Glencore Plc as part of enforcement of a new mining regime.

The license for the Kabanga nickel project in northwestern Tanzania was among 11 retention licences canceled by the government under the Mining (Mineral Rights) Regulations of 2018, which were approved in January.

A retention license is granted to holders of a prospecting license after they identify a mineral deposit within the prospecting area which is potentially of commercial significance but cannot be immediately developed due to technical constraints, adverse market conditions or other economic factors.

The Mining Commission would like to inform all owners of retention licences that the licences have been canceled, commissions chairman Idris Kikula said in a statement.

Barrick Gold Corp and Glencor...

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Tuesday, 15 May


VGM awaits board of inquiry results in Fiji "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Felix Chaudhary | The Fiji Times | 15 May, 2018

ANY steps that could be taken to increase safety at Vatukoula Gold Mines PLC (VGM) will be highlighted during a board of inquiry into the death of Avinesh Ram, a miner who allegedly lost his life during an underground incident last week Wednesday.

This was the word from VGM corporate services manager and special adviser to general manager Dinny Laufenboeck in response to questions raised by this newspaper.

A board of inquiry under the chairmanship of an independent official appointed by the Mineral Resources Department continues into the fatality which occurred underground at the Vatukoula Gold Mines on May 2, 2018, she said.

As this is a legal process mandated by the Mining Act, please address any requests for information to the PS (permanent secretary) for Lands and Mineral Resources.

Recommendations on what more VGM could do in managing risk to employees at Vatukoula will be provided as an outcome from the board of inquiry.

Mr Ram allegedly die...


Treaties Committee critiques PACER-Plus "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Australian Parliaments Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCT) has issued its final report on the PACER-Plus trade agreement. Although the committee recommends that Parliament should ratify PACER-Plus, the report is a telling critique of the treaty, noting: the absence of Papua New Guinea and Fiji from PACER-Plus significantly diminishes the utility of the agreement for Australian business.

For more than twenty years, successive Australian governments have promoted trade agreements with Forum island countries as a central element of regional economic integration as well as poverty alleviation. According to the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper, Australias approach to the region is based on helping to integrate Pacific countries into the Australian and New Zealand economies and our security institutions, [as] essential to the long-term stability and economic prospects of the Pacific.

After nearly two decades of preparation and seven years of negotiations, PACER-Plus arrived in June 2017 with a dull thud. As Matthew Dornan noted at the time on the Devpolicy Blog, most post-signing analysis of the deal highlighted the lack of ambition, the failure to lock in labor market access in the binding treaty and the disproportionate benefits for Australia and New Zealand. The Office of the Chief Trade Advisor (OCTA) tried to highlight the benefits of the treaty for Forum island countries, but many commentators were dismissive, with headlines such as Disappointment and lost opportunity and Not much to celebrate.

Former Forum Secretary General Sir Noel Levi, who guided the initial drafting of PICTA and PACER in the late 1990s, was scathing over the outcome of PACER Minus. He decried the lack of leadership by his successors at the Forum Secretariat, for not addressing objections raised by Fiji and Papua Ne...


Oil Search chairman & executives need to stop blame-shifting "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Chris Haiveta - "Oil Search chairman Rick Lee is out of line"

CHRIS HAIVETA | Governor of Gulf Province

KEREMA - The Oil Search chairman and senior management need to stop deceiving the media and collectively own up to the processes that were fast-tracked in an effort to capitalise on Papua New Guinea's resources while leaving PNG landowners stranded with little possibility of promptly receiving royalties.

Oil Search has had a very long relationship with PNG; over 89 years of history. The company has continued to build its empire in PNG with our rich resources and the ongoing acquisitions of major oil and gas projects and concessions from major international brands PNG like Chevron Texaco in 2003.

It has been here long enough to know better than to try and deceive PNG and push false statements.

Oil Search has used the government for its own ends time and again. The transfer of Orogen Minerals, and along with that the State equity in Kutubu and Gobe Projects, to Oil Search by Mekere Morautas government was what made Oil Search, not new discoveries by the company.

Oil Searchs current equity in the Papua LNG project is not from its own money, but the loan that government took to buy shares in Oil Search and to provide it the protection against takeover.

Oil Search chairman Rick Lee is out of line with his comments when discussing the landowner groups and landowners identification process.

The entire reason we are now facing the issues with the delayed royalty payments is based squarely on Oil Searchs lack of ability to correctly communicate and inform both Exxon and the PNG government of its experience of the process and the requirements of the Oil and Gas Act. Mr chairman: you are being misled and fed wrong information to make it look good.

Oil Search must accept that they continue to generate enormous profits from PNG, they receive beneficial tax credits, yet they are trying to push the blame to the PNG government for their lack of corporate governance in managing the process when it comes to the landowner identi...


There is no better time to pay LNG landowners their money "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Lng-protest-2FRANCIS NII

KUNDIAWA There is no better time than this to pay PNG LNG landowners their entitlements since many lives have been disrupted and even ruined after the devastating earthquake in the region.

Jubilee Australia seems to have blown open a closely-kept secret on how much LNG revenue has been received by the government of Papua New Guinea and not been paid to landowners.

The Jubilee report generated a strong reaction from project developer Oil Search, whose chairman Rick Lee said community violence around the project was not the fault of his company but a result of the PNG government's failure to distribute royalties.

These comments came regardless of prime minister Peter ONeills relentless attempts to water down his governments responsibilities.

According to the Jubilee and other recent reports, the situation on the LNG project sites is tense and menacing mainly due to the non-payment of landowner benefits. I should note that the project developers, Oil Search and Exxon Mobil, have been well aware of this.

Now they may feel their investment has become even higher risk because of the growing frustration and anger of landowners.

They have had to protect their position by clarifying their side to landowners and the people of PNG who need to be aware of who is responsible for the entitlements that are not reaching the right people.

In a PNG Loop report last Friday, Oil Search managing director Peter Botten revealed that PNG had received K14 billion from PNG LNG since production began.

The country has received K14 billion in revenue, with K3.9 billion paid to the state and landowner entities in royalties, development levies and equity payments, Mr Botten said.

He further stated that of the 15 licenses covering PNG LNG Project areas, 12 were either receiving or close to receiving payments. The other three have been held up by the court.

However, the K14 billion revenue figure received by Botten is amb...


Is there a better way to deal with landowners & royalties? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Boera villagers from near Port Moresby after receiving the first LNG landowner royalties


TUMBY BAY - On the face of it, the current process for distributing LNG project royalties seems simple enough identify the right landowners and pay them the money.

Unfortunately, it is this kind of nave simplicity that informs current resource legislation in Papua New Guinea.

That such a straightforward approach doesnt work has been starkly highlighted by the debacle surrounding the payment of royalties from the Exxon Oil Search LNG project.

Heavy-handiness from a multinational developer used to having its own way, illegal political interference and greed and corruption among landowners has clearly demonstrated the need for change.

Maybe its time to turn the system on its head and shift the responsibility for the disbursement of royalties directly to the landowners.

You might think this is a recipe for disaster but there are several reasons why it might work a lot better than the current system.

The present system relies heavily on outsiders, generally anthropologists, coming in and conducting land owner identification studies prior to a development going ahead.

In most cases, to do this properly requires a great deal of time. Even a seasoned anthropologist with established links to an area needs time to sort out individual and clan relationships to particular areas of land.

This can be difficult even when the anthropologist knows the way land is traditionally inherited and used, but it becomes much more difficult when modern influences and interventions, such as marriages outside tribal areas and other influxes and aberrations, are taken into account.

For a large project like PNG LNG, where a very large area and many thousands of potential landowners are involved, I would guess that a reasonable timeline would be 3-4 years at least.

To do the job properly the anthropologist would virtually have to consider the claims of many potential landowners individually. If you consider that each one would take u...


Duterte, Papua New Guinea PM to hold talks Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

by Azer Parrocha,
May 15, 2018

MANILA -- Papua New Guinea Prime Minsiter Peter ONeill arrived in Manila on Tuesday afternoon for a three-day visit where he is scheduled to meet President Rodrigo R Duterte for a scheduled bilateral meeting on Wednesday.

Duterte will also be hosting a state banquet in honor of ONeill on Wednesday night in Malacaan.

ONeill arrived at 4:11 p.m. at the Villamor Airbase, according to a statement sent to the media by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

He was welcomed by Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Emmanuel Piol.

Pasay City Mayor Antonio Calixto, Pasay City Rep Emi Calixto-Rubiano and Navotas City Rep Tobias "Toby" Tiangco also joined Piol in welcoming ONeill.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by PNG Minister of Finance James Marape and Christopher Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Papua New Guinea Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Authority.

He will cap off his visit to the country by touring the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) in Muoz, Nueva Ecija and then proceed to Japan.

Papua New Guinea is this years chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Duterte and ONeill met last year at the sidelines of the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam.

ONeill was also in Manila during the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in November 2015. (PNA)


Night Market proposed for Working class residents in Port Moresby "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Port Moresby City Hall plans yet another new initiative to upgrade its day markets so that their doors be open in the night to address the shopping need of working-class residents.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop made this proposal known to the management of Boroko market today in a low-key, surprise visit to the facility in Port Moresby.

The visit was received by vendors who have been longing to rub shoulders with him.

They greeted Governor Parkop with smiles, hand-shakes and claps of applause from all corners of the market facility when he was touring along the stalls.

Mr Parkop said many other cities around the world enjoys safe and peaceful markets, citing Vanuatu's Port Villa is home to a 24-7 market.

We are the odd city out in the region and indeed from the rest of the world. Every where I have traveled, markets are relatively safe during the day and even in the nights. Markets are open and thriving into the night. We can change this and we must thrive to change it

He said they needed to start piloting the plan at Boroko Market, adding there is nothing wrong for the city to replicate it when others have done it successfully in their city.

Vendors have not only used this opportunity to interact with their leader but also expressed their concerns to him on what needed to be improved in the facility.

Amongst others, their requests include the main 4-Mile bus-stop be suspended and moved closer to the market so it can attract more buyers, a truck to deliver wholesale cargoes to other markets, upgrade the toilet facility to having more rooms for shower and toilet, more canopies for vendors to protect themselves from rain and sun and for the markets to also be open on Sundays.

Responding to them, he said on the movement of bus-stop, the function lies fully with the Department of Transport and that he will discuss it with them despite it being a main challenge for him to manage the public transport in the city better.

Commending them for a job well-done-since its opening last year- in maintaining a safe, secure and peaceful market unlike a few others, Parkop has challenged the management to do more to create an environment that is not just for residents to buy garden food but also for them to come and spend their leisure time.

"They do not necessarily have to go to Vision City or other shopping malls to do that. We can provide that...


Kumuls to feature in 2018 Pacific Test "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tue 15 May 2018
A weeklong celebration of Pacific culture has been confirmed for rugby league fans in the lead up to the 2018 Pacific Test Invitational at Campbelltown Stadium, Saturday 23 June.

In what will be the first set of International Matches since the memorable Rugby League World Cup, players and officials from four nations Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji will gather in Sydneys West following the conclusion of Round 15 of the NRL Telstra Premiership.

Fiji officially replaced Lebanon after the Cedars formally withdrew from participating late last month.

Campbelltown Athletics Track will host all four squads for the Pacific Test Fan Day on Wednesday June 20, with fans encouraged to come along to meet the players, take selfies, get autographs and enjoy cultural performances after school and into the evening.

Senior Manager of Pacific Strategy, Frank Puletua, encouraged fans to purchase their tickets early to avoid missing out following a sold-out event in 2017.

Last years Pacific Test and the Rugby League World Cup showed just how much rugby league means to our Pacific players and the communities they represent, Mr Puletua said.

The players get to connect with their culture, their peers and the wider community. I encourage everyone to come along and witness the colour, flair, power and passion that the Pacific Test Invitational produces both on and off the field.

It is truly something special.

General public tickets are on sale now, with adult tickets from $15 and family tickets from $45. Club member adult tickets start from as low as $12 and family tickets from $35.

To purchase tickets, head to


'Incredible' Cameron Smith retires "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By QLR Media 
Queensland coach Kevin Walters has paid tribute to Maroons Origin great Cameron Smith, who today announced his immediate retirement from representative rugby league.
Smith, who is the most capped player in Origin history with 42 appearances for the Maroons, has informed Walters he will not be available for the 2018 Holden State of Origin Series.
"After the year that Cameron had last year, winning the Origin series, winning the NRL premiership with the Storm and then winning the World Cup...that's a very big year," Walters said.
"While I expected Cameron to play on this year, I'm not shocked as such. Origin is very taxing, there's a lot of pressure and everyone has got to be fully committed or it doesn't work.
"He's decided what's best for him is not to play on this year and we totally understand and respect that as well."



PNG PM ONeill Arrives in Philippines for State Visit - Rice Production High on the Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea,  Peter ONeill, has begun an Official State Visit to the Republic of the Philippines, where he will discuss a number of emerging bilateral opportunities between the two countries.

The visit will include a number of formal events with the President of the Philippines, H.E. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and meetings with technical experts in areas that include rice production.

The Prime Minister said the two countries share a very warm history that continues to grow as greater technical and cultural exchange takes place.

Engagement between Papua New Guinea and the Philippines go back to the 1800s when Filipino missionaries accompanied European Catholic priests to live with our people, the Prime Minister said on arrival in Manila.

As nation-states we have had diplomatic relations for 43 yeas, and it is important that we continue to strengthen our engagement.

Today, there are more than 35,000 Filipinos living in our country, making them largest group of expatriates in Papua New Guinea.

Many Filipinos provide services in sectors that include healthcare and education, as well as working in many businesses.

The Prime Minister said he is looking forward to expanding opportunities for bilateral engagement in agriculture.

One of the most important elements in this visit will be to discuss opportunities for technical support from the Philippines to grow rice in Papua New Guinea.

The Philippines is a world leader in rice cultivation, and they are interested to work with Papua New Guinea to expand our production.

In rice trials conducted by Philippines agricultural experts, they have found our soil can yield double the rice per hectare than is possible in many countries in South-East Asia.

This is because our soil is extremely fertile and for the most part has never been used for commercial agriculture or been exposed to pesticides.

The Prime Ministers Official State Visit to the Philippines concludes on 17 May 2018.


Kumuls to feature in 2018 Pacific Test Invitational event "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A weeklong celebration of Pacific culture has been confirmed for rugby league fans in the lead up to the 2018 Pacific Test Invitational at Campbelltown Stadium, Saturday 23 June.

In what will be the first set of International Matches since the memorable Rugby League World Cup, players and officials from four nations Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji will gather in Sydney's West following the conclusion of Round 15 of the NRL Telstra Premiership.

Fiji officially replaced Lebanon after the Cedars formally withdrew from participating late last month.

Campbelltown Athletics Track will host all four squads for the Pacific Test Fan Day on Wednesday June 20, with fans encouraged to come along to meet the players, take selfies, get autographs and enjoy cultural performances after school and into the evening.

Senior Manager of Pacific Strategy, Frank Puletua, encouraged fans to purchase their tickets early to avoid missing out following a sold-out event in 2017.

"Last year's Pacific Test and the Rugby League World Cup showed just how much rugby league means to our Pacific players and the communities they represent," Mr Puletua said.

"The players get to connect with their culture, their peers and the wider community. I encourage everyone to come along and witness the colour, flair, power and passion that the Pacific Test Invitational produces both on and off the field.

"It is truly something special."

General public tickets are on sale now, with adult tickets from $15 and family tickets from $45. Club member adult tickets start from as low as $12 and family tickets from $35.


Temaru wants UN to run New Caledonia vote "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

French Polynesia's pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru says New Caledonia's referendum on independence from France should be organised by the United Nations.

Speaking on public television in Tahiti,Temaru said France should step aside and let the UN decolonisation committee organise the vote.

He says the UN should have drawn up a constitution for New Caledonia and allow the dignity of the Kanak people be restored.

Instead, he says, France has organised "this masquerade" with elections about who is for or against independence.

The 4 November referendum on is organised by France and marks the conclusion of the 1998 Noumea Accord signed by both the anti- and pro-independence sides.

The UN will send observers for this year's vote.

It has also provided observers who monitored the voter registration process which has been contentious.

In the interview, Temaru also said the New Caledonian pro-independence leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou had told him shortly after signing the 1988 Matignon Accords that he was going to denounce them.

The Accords were seen as the means to appease the territory after years of intermittent and growing unrest.

Less than a year after Jean-Marie Tjibaou signed the document, he was killed by Kanak militants.

Meanwhile, France's former Socialist prime minister Manuel Valls has praised President Emmanuel Macron for the way he handled his first visit to New Caledonia earlier this month.

Valls, who led a parliamentary group to New Caledonia three months ago, says Macron found the right words and made the right gestures during his three-day tour.

He says it was necessary to go to Ouvea to pay respect to all who had died - a reference to the hostage crisis on the island which was a turning point in the strife of the time.

Three months ago, Valls expressed his preference for New Caledonia to vote for staying with France in the November independence referendum.

He says by Macron conceding that he finds it hard to imagine France without New Caledonia, the president also shares his preference of what he would like to happen.



In brief: Oil Search says there is distribution problem with payouts, and other business news "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Oil Search says it has made payouts but there is a distribution problem, Frabelle denies shut down and the ICCC to mount legal proceedings against Steamships. Your weekly digest of the latest business news.

in brief

Oil Searchs Chairman Rick Lee, speaking at the companys general meeting in Port Moresby reportedly claimed the company is paying the royalties to the government. Any problems with the correct land owners not receiving funds is a distribution problem. Oil Search has and is continuing to work closely with the State and other stakeholders to ensure these benefits owing are distributed as soon as possible, an Oil Search statement says.



The Frabelle cannery in operation.

TUNA processor Frabelle PNG is not shutting down its operations in the country although it recently laid off more 800 employees, according to company manager Daniel Noble. He was responding to comments by PNG Fishing Industr...


MP wins court order against logging and oil palm "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Hon. Jelta Wong MP via FaceBook

Court Order against Bruno Niu Wirka, Lamus Incorporated Land Group & Tzen Niugini Limited successful; restrained from conducting any eviction, destruction of property, Oil Palm planting whatsoever in Portion 910C Millinch Pondo, Fourmil Rabaul ENB. 

Tzen Nuigini Limited remove all its machines and employees from the above stated portion / Millinch

Respondents are at liberty to apply. 

Local and national governments and companies at every stage of the supply chain need to work together, to foster an environment of transparency and a dedication to not just forest preservation, but sustainability on a much broader scale.


People moves: PINA "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Changes at Pacific Islands News Association

The head of Papua New Guineas public broadcaster has been elected as president of the Pacific Islands News Association. Kora Nou was elected as the new president at PINAs fifth biennial summit in Tonga last week. He takes over from Vanuatus Moses Stevens, who held the position for 10 years. Mr Nou is the PNG National Broadcasting Corporations Acting Managing Director.


The post People moves: PINA appeared first on Business Advantage PNG.


PNG National Court case on SIM card deactivation today "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no longer a Papua New Guinea National Court injunction preventing the telecommunication regulator NICTA from enforcing deactivation of unregistered mobile phone SIM cards across the country.

Today was set as the day when the National Court would hear arguments in a case between Madang MP Bryan Kramer and the regulator. However, Mr Kramer asked the court for a further extension, as he was not prepared for the hearing. During a two-hour-long recess, the judge considered the arguments of both sides before he decided not to grant the extension.

The judge was then ready to hear the case, but Mr Kramer withdrew the matter in its entirety. Lawyers for the regulator agreed, with each party to bear their own costs.

This means that there is no longer a court order in place regarding SIM card deactivation. As per National Gazette No. G228, telecommunication companies can be fined for each unregistered mobile phone that is in use. In effect, this means that unregistered mobile phone numbers will be deactivated. In court today, lawyers for the regulator mentioned that 1.4 million mobile phones may be deactivated. They argued that this was a necessary step in the process of registering mobile phone users in order to address harassment through anonymous text messages and phone calls, sharing of unwanted pornographic images, and other abuse of mobile phone services.

Papua New Guinea would not be the first country in which active mobile phones have been deactivated as a result of mandatory SIM card registration. In Pakistan, 27 million mobile phones were deactivated after an extended deadline was reached.

At present, in Indonesia, a similar exercise is underway. However, it is much easier for citizens there to register their mobile phones as each citizen has both a family identification number and a personal identification number. In Papua New Guinea, many citizens do not have identification documents, which is one of the factors that has made the process difficult.

The post PNG National Court case on SIM...


Mainland CEO outlines ambitious plan to diversify into new crops "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea agribusiness Mainland Holdings is launching into new agricultural sectors to reduce its reliance on imports. Chief Executive David Alcock told the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum that the company intends to grow sorghum and soya beans to use as stockfeed in partnership with local farmers.

Mainland Holdings David Alcock. Source: BAI

We have an over-reliance on imported grains, Alcock said. Foreign currency has become very difficult to source.

One large bank, when I asked them for assistance, said: We cant provide any assistance.

I asked them what would they do if they were in my position and they said: Grow something.

We decided to see the foreign exchange as an opportunity rather than a difficulty.

I thought about that for a while and came back thinking maybe they had a clue there.


Alcock said Mainland, the diversified agribusiness behind the Tablebirds poultry brand, has significant land that could be used for such an initiative. The initial costings suggested that the company would be able to achieve similar yields to those in Australia.

We decided to see the foreign exchange as an opportunity rather than a difficulty that could not be overcome.

Alcock acknowledged that farming attempts in the 1970s and 1980s in PNG had failed, but improvements in technology have changed the prospects.

Since 1981, a lot has happened in agriculture. Crop yields have gone up immensely and methods of crop management have improved markedly.

PNG is not new to farming; PNG was farming before Australia.

Alcock says expert help was sought, especially with techniques for eliminating pests. There was high level support within the company for the initiative, which he described as very important.

The first trial, in the Markham Valley,...


How El Salvador Won on Mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

An inspiring story of how a people and a nation stood up against the lies and destruction of the international mining companies and threw them out of their country

Esty Dinur* | The Progressive | April 1, 2018

In March 2017, El Salvador, a country with deposits of gold and silver, became the first and only country in the world to ban all metallic mining.

The process took twelve years, according to Pedro Cabezas, who runs the mining and human rights program of CRIPDES, the largest rural organization in the country and a leader in the Salvadoran social movement. It is a story of popular organizing, which American and other activists might want to pay attention to and learn from. It is also a tale of collaborations across causes, sectors, geographic areas, and national borders.

El Salvador has a history of small artisanal mines, including a small mine in San Sebastin which was started some 100 years ago by local...


Diversification critical to success in Papua New Guinea, says Hornibrook NGI MD "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Vertical integration is the key to growth in Papua New Guinea, according to Hornibrook NGI Managing Director Matthew Lewis. He tells Business Advantage PNG the steel fabrication and construction company is leveraging its in-house capacity to diversify into property and hospitality.

Hornibook operations. Source: Business Advantage International

The privately-owned Lae-based firm was formed in 1990 by the merger of Hornibrook Constructions and NGI Steel.

With the construction side of the business relying heavily on roll-formed steel-frame buildings (well-suited to PNGs harsh environment), vertical integration became an important competitive advantage in an economy where it is not always easy to source the products and services you need.

The steel fabrication facility at the new site is the largest in PNG and includes a vehicle repair workshop.

Vertical integration is the key. The more you do in-house the less you can be let down, says Lewis.


The company relocated from the centre of Lae to the Nine Mile area, halfway to Laes Nadzab Airport, in 2012.

At 6400 square metres, the steel fabrication facility at the new site is the largest in PNG and includes a vehicle repair workshop.

The three-star hotel has 45 rooms, plus an infinity pool, poolside bar and entertainment area.

The companys core business is to provide turnkey building services for mine sites, hospitals, schools and housing.



ANZ economist claims Papua New Guinea on verge of boom "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea is on the verge of a resources boom, according to Kishti Sen, International Economist for the ANZ Banking Group. He told the recent AustraliaPapua New Guinea Business Forum that the challenge is to manage the economic cycles.

The ANZs Kishti Sen. Source: BAI

The recovery is thankfully not far away, said Sen. Something big is going to happen in terms of new projects. PNG LNG is close to making a decision on the expansion project.

With Papua LNG, some sort of decision on FEED [front-end engineering and design] is likely to be made this year and [there will be a] final decision next year.

These are massive projects. With these projects will come very strong growth: Frieda River, Solwara 1. You are looking at a boom that will probably feel like it will never endbut it will, like all mining investments.


An ANZ report authored by Sen predicted 2 per cent GDP growth for PNG for this year and next year. This is well below PNGs long-term average.

If you look back in time of about 27 years, you get long average growth of about 4 per cent a year. So 2 per cent is well below, and it means you cant absorb the increase in the labour force to keep unemployment steady.

PNG could support a manufacturing industry base by having a domestic preservation policy.

Sen believes, however, that the weak growth will only be temporary.

For the next decade, PNG is setting itself up for very strong growth. It is a good opportunity for the government to secure a broad-based economy once the boom ends, by providing support to the tourism industry.

Manufacturing as well: PNG has got an abundant gas supply.

Sen said PNG could support a manufacturing industry base by having a d...


I'M SORRY, I CAN'T GIVE WHAT I DON'T HAVE" "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Western Province Governor Hon Taboi Awi Yoto
There's a public perception out there that MP's have a lot of money. In Western Province, many assume that MPs and the Governor are supposed to have all the money and goodies to dish out for every personal/family/group requests.
Though it's a fact that what we MPs receive in a fortnight is more compared to the rest of our ordinary citizens, the list of request we receive is way beyond what our fortnightly pay can offset.
Since I won, there has been ever ending list of request that continues to flood my office, my facebook inbox, whatsup, text messages, emails and phone calls.
Many requests that I have received has tagged phrases used to try to squeeze something out of me. Tagged phrases such as "I'm your voter", "I campaigned for you" "I gave you my first preference vote" "I sacrificed my time for you" "I'm your die-hard supporter since 2012" "I was your scrutineer" I lost my tears for your victory" "mi hard wok man yah" etc etc
You can continue the never-ending "I DID THIS AND THAT FOR YOU" list.
I understand, everyone played a part, one way or the other to contributed to my election victory. However, it was done for a pur...

Monday, 14 May


Central Province Rotten Public Service - Bala Kapa's blatant abuse of process in the recruitment of family members "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The recent recruitment exercise after last years (2017) advertisement of positions has seen a lot of nepotism mostly in the provincial administration. People who are not qualified are given senior positions and immediate families of the current HR Advisor Mrs. Gari Vaburi and Deputy Provincial Administrator -Corporate Services -Mr. Bala Kapa. DPA corporate services - a person from in charge of the corporate sector which includes, Planning division, HR division, Finance and IT division.

Bala Kapa was a former HR Advisor who handpicked Gari vaburi to be his puppet.She does not have a valid qualificationnot even a Diploma except for some certified courses at IPA(Institute of public administration)..she started off in HR as a typist

MrBala Kapa is responsible for the recent termination of Very experienced senior officers to accommodate his children to following positions:

1.       Last born son    Junior Kapa  - Staff clerk HR Division

2.       Daughter Zilla Kapa Tourism Officer  - Commerce Division

3.       Son     --  systems administrator --- IT Division

Mrs Gari vaburi has appointed her husband Mr. Vaburi someone who has been babysitting their children over the years - to work in the Hiri district Administration

She has also appointed her own cousin as Administration assistant in the HR division both without proper qualifications.

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